How does it work?

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1 Quick news search
When you set your news search as "manually" (default), type "@news" in the address bar to activate the quick search commands, followed by the news topic, and select the option by clicking on the autocomplete suggestion.
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2Configure your top news
Select up to 3 news categories for your news feed in the autocomplete suggestions. Each time you type a search query in the address bar, you can read the top stories in the news feed.
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main screen
3Search news automatically
When the news search is set to be automatic, you can type directly in your address bar the news topic you want to search for and then click on the "search news" suggestion.

Fully customized settings for your news search and search engines

In the Settings of this extension, you can customize your full extension experience by selecting your preferred search engine, your favourite search engine for browsing news, your location, the interval of top stories refreshing, and up to 3 categories of news topics that interest you

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Sourcing news from top news sites

We integrated the news and top stories from various world's prestigious news media with good reputation and credibility

  • Huffingtonpost
  • CNN
  • Nytimes
  • Nbcnews
  • Buzzfeed

Frequently Asked Questions

How to utilize the fragmented time of all the busy people in modern times? We provide you the easy to search and digest tool that you can utilize the few seconds of each search activity to pause and consume the news content and stay connected to the world, without interrupting your internet use.

Let's admit it. We are so busy and we don't have time for anything. Searching for news and reading news doesn't take much of your time when we simply embed this experience in your browser's address bar. When you search, you can read the news for a few seconds and stay on top of things. Easy as that.

The default search engine we offer to our users is one of the top search engines in the world and we are getting affiliation when users use this search engine.

Shoot us an email on the Contact page and we will be in touch if it's interesting!

Your feedback is truly appreciated! It helps us improve our product and thus improve your user experience. Please send us an email on the Contact page. Thanks a lot in advance!